Balanced Score Card pillar Area Metric
Financial IT return of investment Actual IT expenses vs outside consulting cost for same projects
Actual vs budgeted IT expenses
Percentage of IT expenses from top line
Revenue directly generated by IT by services to outside parties
Number of external IT suppliers
Alignment Number of steering committee meetings per yr
Risks Number of outstanding external IT auditor findings
Percentage of vendors used still operating
Customer Service quality Percentage of closed hardware issues
Percentage of closed network issues
Percentage of closed software issues
Number of issues handled per hardware help desk personnel
Number of issues handled per network help desk personnel
Number of issues handled per software help desk personnel
Average closure time for hardware issues
Average closure time for network issues
Average closure time for software issues
Number of incidents per employee
Internal business process Unfified platform Number of hardware vendors
Number of hardware platform
Number of workstation OS
Number of server OS
Number of general productivity software
Number of departmental software
Project delivery efficiency Percentage of bugs solved
Average bug solution time
Actual vs budgeted project time line
Learning & growth Trainings Number of training per employee
Learning gap
Retention Turn-over
Percentage of involuntary termination
Utilization of new technologies Percentage of workstation OS upgraded to latest edition
Percentage of general productivity software upgraded to latest edition
Introduction of new software modules