Pentaho on iPad

Mobile BI is not only for large enterprises

Pentaho on iPad

Wouldn’t it be nice if management team can quickly assess the health of the company’s operation wherever they are? Yes, but that technology sounds expensive. Well, not anymore. Open source Business Intelligence (BI) has come a long way, and by now it can even supply this capability to smaller companies with very little (or no) investment.

Simplified user interface

Good BI suite like Pentaho provides full-featured user interface for PCs (left) and simplified one for mobile devices (right)

Mobile devices will always have less features than desktop or laptop Personal Computers (PCs), including the capabilities of their web browser. Hence, one key enabler in Mobile BI is the availability of simplified interface to be used in mobile devices where screen size may be smaller than desktop or laptop PCs.

Connection security

With VPN, mobile access to confidential data can be performed securely

Giving executives mobility means giving them access to confidential company data outside of the corporate network. Obviously, a way to secure the data communication is in order here. The best way to implement this is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between the mobile device and the corporate data center.


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